Gas springs

Gas strut is a multipurpose product of simple cylindrical shape with mesh to fit, working as a gas spring with a dampening effect on the basis of compressed air and oil fill. Helps, or more precisely, makes it easy to open and close, lowering or raising, while locking in suitable terminal position, adapted to the moving parts of different devices.

In the basic version, the gas strut produces a stroke of 110, 160 and 200 mm, with a metal mesh with different dimensions, respectively plastic with ball pin. Power parameters of the gas springs (struts) are from 100 to 400N. The product is under constant pressure of gas, and therefore it is not allowed to interfere in the product.



  • long life
  • high reliability
  • maintenance-free and trouble-free operation


  • agriculture
  • automotive industry
  • construction
  • furniture

Based on the individual needs of our customers we can make and supply various types of gas springs.



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