LED lights

Universal LED lamp is resistant to electromagnetic interference (type-approved EMC). Thanks to very efficient LEDs the work area can be well lit with minimum consumption. The lamp is characterized by light intensity, which is comparable with standard light sources (eg. H3) with a nominal capacity range of 50-70W.

The body of the lamp and its parts are made from the highest quality components, resistant to high and low temperatures and mechanical damage. Degree of protection IP66 / IP68 ensures resistance to immersion in water and strong water pressure.

Work lamp GRANT 1300LM – properties:

  • universal LED lamp
  • consumption: 14,4W (~H3)
  • operation voltage: 10V – 35V
  • cover: plastic (PP)
  • holder: stainless steel ASI304
  • cable length: 2,5 m
  • color light: white, icy
  • luminosity close to the reference axis ~ 4400 cd +/- 10%

  • light source: 9 LED (OSRAM) x 220 lm/ LED ~ 1980 LM +/- 10%
  • turn: 360 °C
  • stream of light measured in the laboratory ~ 1300 lm +/- 25%
  • cover surface max. temperature: 44°C
  • lens surface max. temperature: 68°C (measured in laboratory conditions at 25°C)
  • IP degree of protection: IP66/IP68
  • easy and stable lamp assembly
Type approvals:

  • E20 10R03 2820
  • AR 00 E20 1384
  • made in EU

Mainly applications in:

  • industrial machines
  • agriculture machines


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